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Welcome! I am a photographer, but I'm also a mama first and foremost, a daughter, a sister, friend and someone who truly believes I was meant for this career path.

Photography allows my creative gift and passion to have purpose! I love photography and I love connecting with people, capturing their memories and moments big or small. 

I have a degree in Art and Photography. My other love was journalism which became my minor. I was able to use both working for The Aegis and The Baltimore Sun after college and still have the pleasure of being a freelance photographer for them. 


I'm Shannon


I truly love capturing the perfect shot but i also love working with so many amazing people and having the chance to capture your story. We all have a story to tell. Let me tell yours. 

I love to walk around book stores and reading, however my pile of books is much greater than the ones I have actually had a chance to read. I also love to write. 

In our house taco Tuesdays, Pizza Friday's and Sunday fundays are a must. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year other than summer. 

I can be a little extra, silly and a social butterfly, but I also love time to myself or quiet nights at home with my little ones. I am a toes in the sand, sunshine all day kind of girl. I do enjoy a good snowfall here and there though. 

I believe the best photographs are made when you have a relationship with your photographer and fully trust them and feel like an old friend not a stranger. 

My little ones are my world! Chase is 13 and Olivia is 7 going on 16 it feels like. They are my why for everything and inspire me each day. They have taught me more then I think I could ever teach them.  

I am the oldest of five. My siblings are what sparked my love for photography. We are one of those families that do everything together and text each other daily. I'm an Aunt of four and love every moment with them.

I love traveling, but hate flying. I will travel anywhere for a session or fun. Traveling inspires me and leaves me feeling refreshed and creatively energized.  I have been lucky enough to travel from coast to coast, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. 


Jenna and justin

“I AM SPEECHLESS. Thank you for always capturing such beautiful pictures of our family. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We truly appreciate your hard work and talent. Words can not describe how grateful I
am. These are stunning and I love every one!”

Sarah and luke

““Thank you so much for your patience and your calming presence during our session. I love every single photograph in our gallery. You captured our first few days with our sweet girl perfectly. ”

In photography and in life, always look for the light, if you don’t see it, bring it. — John Waire

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They say show clients who you are in a nutshell daily. I never know what or how much to share. In a nutshell:  I am a mother first and foremost. I always take on more than I should. Coffee first thing in the morning is a must. I make lists daily, play music often and plan my schedule months in advance.  I love to travel, but some of my best days are the simple moments at home with my little ones. Always dreaming up ideas or fun adventures and crafts for my kiddos.  Believe in magic and miracles. 

fueled daily by

on to the next

on to the next

I often get asked if I prefer sunrise or sunset sessions.  I have to say sunset will always be my favorite. However, if I am shooting in a destination area such has I have in New York in Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge or in hot spots in Vegas and California I prefer sunrise so that crowds are not an issue.  Sunrise is stunning, but if I had to pick it would be sunset.  I love getting that sun flare as the sun gets lower. Just something about golden hour. 

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What lens is my favorite:  It depends on the location and the situation, but loving my 85mm right now. 

What is my editing style:  I edit the same with each session making tweaks here and there, but each session looks different and that is all due to light, location and outfits.  I always edit on what is true to color and how it really looked. I love the dark and moody and brown tones but for me I just want to capture the real and classic. 

Do I use the same poses for each session:  No.  I try to play it by ear and just get a feel for each client and read what they are comfortable with as we go.  

One of my favorite things to photograph:  Little ones playing and just being them. Especially at home.  Yes. I offer at home a day in the life of sessions.  Which are so special. 

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so what's next?

Let's do this!  So excited that you have choose to work with me and are trusting me to capture your memories.  Let's be honest...moments turn to memories so quickly and these are the days you will want to remember.  

You can contact me to discuss what you are looking for or you can click book your session below to book your date and choose your collection. Looking forward to chatting with you and documenting this time for you. 

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A part of my client experience is helping you with choosing the perfect outfits that express your families personality and vibe and leaving you feeling confident and comfortable.  We will work together to put together the perfect collection of outfits. 

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