7 Just Like That


My Chase,

Well…just like that..you are SEVEN.

This last year, we have had so many changes in our lives, and we saw such a dramatic change in you in so many ways.  You have changed so much this last year into a confidant, talkative, responsible boy.  You have lost your baby face and must have grown a foot taller it seems.  You are no longer little, but you will forever be my little boy.

This last year went by too fast. You turned 6 the week Kindergarten started and it really has been a whilrwind since. I was so worried with you starting Kindergarten and you did wonderful.  Seeing you with other children at school, making friends, being a part of a group and doing so well at it without me by your side helping you along was just so amazing to see. You began a new chapter in life as did I not having you with me everyday all day.  It was hard for you, but I think it was even harder for me.  I missed you, our adventures and lazy days together.

Not too long after becoming a Kindergartner, you became a big brother. I could have never imagined how wonderful you are as a big brother. You give little Liv so much love. You’re so tender and sweet with your words and how you hold her.  You go out of your way to make her laugh, to take care of her and to watch out for her.  At least once a day you say to her softly “it’s ok Livvy; I got you. I’ll never let anything hurt you.” She is so lucky to have you.

This year you have really let your personality shine.  You have the BIGGEST personality, and I am so happy you are letting it out. You are so funny and make us laugh all the time.  You are just so smart that it really is unbelievable. Your speech has grown to a new level, and I just love hearing what you have to say.  You are filled with so much knowledge and keep me guessing how much you really do know because you only let it out here and there.  Also, you have the best creative play now, its just too cute.

You have also become a master neogiataor and know how to get me to give you what you want. Especially cookies. You started this thing this year where you go and get the cookie container. You hold them near your chest, then tilt your head to the side, put up one little finger and say “Mom just one little little cookie pleaseeeee” as you blink your eyes at me in an attempt to wink.  You try to wink but you cant and it makes it all that much cuter. And of course you get your cookie. I could honestly go on and on.  Now you have finished up last year by turing 7 and enterning 1st grade. I can not wait to see what this year brings and how you will grow.

I love you to the moon and back, more then all the stars in the night, always and forever! Keep shining sweet boy!  This world needs your light.

Highlights Of Your Past Year:
You started Kindergarten
Became a Big Brother
Was Discharged From All Of Your Therapies
Flew On A Plane For The First Time
Went To Atlantis
Became a First Grader just before turing 7

This image isn’t sharp or in focus, but I grabbed my camera really quickly without changing my settings so I didn’t miss it.  Chase was jumping on the bed right after his birthday saying he was 7 and I knew it wasn’t something he would do over so I just shot.

September 21, 2017




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