How to Prepare for Your Senior Session


The senior year of high school is an exciting and memorable time for students, and one of the biggest highlights is getting their senior pictures taken. These photos will be cherished for years to come, so it’s important to prepare and make sure they turn out beautifully.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for preparing for your senior pictures, from choosing the right photographer to what to wear and everything in between. 

Choose the Right Photographer:

– The first step in preparing for your senior pictures is to choose the right photographer.

– Look for reviews and recommendations from friends and family, and make sure the photographer has experience in senior portraits.

– Check out their portfolio and see if their style aligns with your vision for your senior pictures.

– In Maryland, there are many talented senior photographers, so take the time to research and find the one that suits your needs best. I would love to be the one to capture these memories for you but if you feel I am not I can recommend others.

Plan Your Outfits:

– What you wear for your senior pictures is a significant part of the overall look and feel of the photos.

– Start planning your outfits a few weeks to a month or two in advance to give yourself enough time to choose and purchase any new pieces and make sure they have the right fit.

– Consider the location and weather when choosing your outfits, and make sure they reflect your personal style and make you feel confident. I have clothing guides and can make style boards tailored to what you are looking for.

– Don’t be afraid to bring multiple outfits to your photoshoot to switch things up and add variety. I like to suggest at least two outfits…one casual and one dressier.

Take Care of Yourself:

– Your senior pictures are a chance to showcase your best self, so make sure you take care of yourself a little extra before the photoshoot.

– Get a haircut or a trim a week or two before the shoot to give it some time to settle.

– Get a good night’s sleep the night before and hydrate well to ensure you have a fresh and rested look.

– Consider getting your makeup done professionally to enhance your natural features and give you a polished look. Girls may want to get their hair done, but make sure you still look like you.

Personalize Your Photoshoot:

– Senior pictures are all about capturing your personality and interests, so don’t be afraid to add personal touches to your photoshoot.

– Bring props or items that represent your hobbies, interests, sports or future plans.

– Incorporate your favorite sports equipment, musical instruments, or even your pet into some of the photos.

– This will make your senior pictures truly unique and meaningful.

In conclusion, preparing for your senior pictures may seem overwhelming, but with the right photographer, planning, and a little bit of creativity, you can have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your senior pictures turn out exactly how you envision them.

Have you had your senior pictures taken? If so share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

Oh and don’t forget to tag your senior photographer in your photos and share them on social media for the world to see. We love that and love sharing our business with other Seniors.

If you are into social media here are a few ideas:

– A collage of different senior pictures to showcase variety in poses and outfits.

– A video of behind-the-scenes footage from your senior photoshoot. Ask your photographer, friend or parent to take some.

– A video of you in your favorite location or outfit during the shoot.

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