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Hello!  Happy Monday!  I know I am a day late posting, but as most know things come up as a parent that you didn’t expect. On Monday my son broke my nose in three places in a game of tickle. Today I finally found out surgery isn’t necessary thank goodness, so now I just need time to heal. So no more tickle time or gym time or anything for awhile.  Since my body will not be ready for bikini season I am at least going to make sure my skin, hair and face look good (minus the broken nose).  This week on the blog as promised my skin care favorites. This image has nothing to do with this post, but do to my broken nose I haven’t had a chance to shoot this week.

If you read my blog last week on makeup here then you know almost all of my products are non toxic.

I start my day with Young Living Lavender and peppermint shampoo and conditioner or the Honest Beauty shampoo and conditioner.

The Young Living Art Gentle Cleanser or Orange Blossom face wash. I switch it up every other wash, however I tend to like the Orange Blossom more and it last a long time.

Then I use the Young Living Art Toner. Toning your skin is so important and is often skipped.  Toner helps smooth and balance the skin after cleansing.  It is great to use after every time you wash your face, but it is a must if you use exfoliator.

Speaking of exfoliating, I love exfoliating!  My absolute favorite is the Young Living Satin Mint Facial Scrub. It is something that we can not go without in my home. Even my husband loves it. Many exfoliates are great, but very expensive.  These next two are wonderful, but they are pricey. Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant from Eminence organics is wonderful. It is in a powder form.  Then there is Goop Exfoilating Instant Facial, which is fantastic as well.

I use moisturizer twice daily after cleaning and toner.  I love the Young Living Art Light Moisturizer.  I sometimes add their Boswellia Wrinkle cream into my routine.  I also am going to give their Sheerlumé brightening cream a try next month. It’s already in my order.

I use the kidscents lotion for all over body hydration. I prefer it over the others I have tried. It has a light smell and is very moisturizing without leaving a greasy feel. The other lotions are great too I just prefer the light smell of this.

As far as deodorant I use Native deodorant. I’ve tried all the scents, but actually prefer unscented or coconut vanilla.


Native Deodorant

Goop Exfoilating Instant Facial

Here is my link if you are interested in ordering or please contact me.


Here are the links to the products…

Mint Facial Scrub

Orange blossom face wash 

Cinnamint Lip Balm

Art Toner

Art Light Moisturizer




April 13, 2018




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