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May 30, 2018

Just Another Day at Home

Oh these two. They really are no words to describe how amazing these two are together.  Watching them grow together and their personalities develop is truly amazing.  Their faces in this series says it all, it is their personalities exactly. Olivia is miss attitude. She is so full of life, sassiness, seriousness and fun.  Everyone that meets her comments on the looks she gives. I can’t help but giggle when she uses the eyebrows of hers and flashes a look.  Chase is always happy. I have always told him that he is my sunshine.  He is always smiling and laughing everyday and he finds Olivia so entertaining. He just loves everything she does.  This little shoot wasn’t planned, but sometimes a spontaneous shoot is necessary and this is one of my favorites. I wish I had this on video. His belly laughing and her looks seriously were priceless.

In some of these images they are reading Ditty Bird Books which are our favorite currently and playing with their Cuddle and Kind knit animals. I have had some questions about their outfits. Chase is wearing Kickee Pants, which are so soft. Olivia is wearing a bow from Little Poppy & Co and outfit from Baby Breeza.


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