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Happy almost summer! You may or may not have booked your beach session by now. If you have not now is the time! If you have been following me for awhile now you know that I love beach sessions! I am a thousand percent a beach girl so beach sessions and I just fit. Not only that there is just something about beach sessions. Whether you are seeing me for a maternity session, couple session, senior session or family session beach sessions have such a different vibe overall than sessions anywhere else.

I love how most people are more carefree and laid back. How children run, play, laugh and just have so much joy. Most little ones do not love photos, but almost all love the beach so it is much easier to capture authentic expressions and connections. It is also a great place to capture the little details…little curls blowing in the salty air, sandy toes, hand holding while walking and then there is those wide angel shots that show the big ocean while the colors of the sunset dance over the waves and your little one taking it all in. So much to love about beach sessions. Here are some tips for family beach sessions below and keep scrolling for Senior session tips below.

3 Family Beach Session Tips:

  1. Show up a bit early. I know it is hard when you are on vacation to get the kids and yourself ready and out the door, but I find that little ones always need a little time to run wild and explore before we get started.
  2. Have your outfits tried on and set out before the day of the session. I can not stress this enough. I have had so many clients show up with clothes not fitting right or a button missing or full of wrinkles because it was all in a suitcase. I know traveling with specific outfits is hard. Heck picking them out is hard, but this way you know that everything fits and is ready to go which eliminates stress just before the session. I also have clients that like to change their little ones once they arrive to the location which honestly is something I do with my youngest.
  3. Bring water, non messy snacks and a towel or two if you plan on getting in or near the water. And let’s face it some families so not plan on getting in the water and then somehow it happens. I even bring myself water and a towel.

3 Senior Session Tips:

  1. Come organized and prepared. I can not stress this enough. This means all outfits, accesories, brush and make up for touch ups and anything else you may need. With senior sessions most of the time there are outfit changes and accesories you want to incorporate in the photographs. Some things to think about is including a hat, sunglasses, jewlery or a scarf to add a little extra to your pictures that are natural in this setting and reflect your personal style. So make sure that you have everything ready and organized for a quick change and touch up if needed.
  2. Bring water and a towel. We will be doing a lot of walking, sitting, standing. From the dunes to the water and sometimes we will need a quick break to gulp down some water and have a breather.
  3. Please discuss any poses or expectations you may have prior to the session so I can plan accordingly and ensure we have enough time and light.

Most importantly just relax and have fun. It will make all the difference during your session and the outcome of the photographs. And remember if the weather is not perfect and a little one wants to play in the water while the other one won’t go near it, it is ok. Whether I am your photographer or you have another please know that we have seen it all and we will make it work. I go into all of my sessions with a tentative plan based on what I have discussed with the family and what they are looking for to what I like to incorporate and I can guarantee that at some point along the way the little session flow I had replaying over and over in my head gets derailed and it is ok and sometimes it makes for better images then I had planned out. So cheers to it almost being summer and capturing those beach moments this year.

February 16, 2024




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