5 Tips For What to Wear: Beach session edition

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I am here to help style you for each and every session you book with me. Each season brings a different vibe so I try to combine the season and location with your style to make your session look exactly like you envision. Believe it or not the colors you wear set the overall tone of your images. Pastels vs Jewel tones, whites vs darks it all plays a part in the final product. I can offer style boards, my advice and opinions but it comes down to what you want. Here are five tips for what to wear for your beach session.

1. I always say start with dressing mom first. Let’s be honest we struggle. It is important that mom finds an outfit that she loves and feels confident and beautiful in.  Then we build off that. I love when mothers where long maxi dresses for sessions but dresses in general are my recommendation. I love looks that are light and breezy and beachy.  You can go with a soild color, something with a linen texture or floral pattern. Keep in mind though you will need to coordinate the rest of the family with what you are wearing. 

2. The rest of the family:  I hear that we want to all match in white shirts and jeans often. If that is what your heart is set on I can’t change your mind, but I suggest you find things that compliment each other.  Pick a color palette and style around a color theme.  I suggest picking two to three colors.  One always being a neutral..tan or white. See below for ideas. 

3. Try to find some accessories that you love.  Beach hats can be something adorable to incorporate into your session. Jewlery is also a good way to add personal style. 

4. Decide what you want your session to look like. Do you want casual or beach dressy?  Or do you want your session to look more of a day in the life…swimsuits, umbrealla and a cute beach blanket? Maybe some sand towels and towels.  A session where you run and play and get messy like a typical beach day or a regular family session. It is all about what you want. So keep that in mind when styling your session. 

5.  Well this is more of a what not to wear, but no shoes. I can not tell you how much your photos will be thrown off by having some family members in shoes and some barefoot. I encourage you to wear shoes in the parking lot and to wear we meet, but when it is picture time I advise to flip off those shoes and get your toes in the sand.

February 17, 2024




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A part of my client experience is helping you with choosing the perfect outfits that express your families personality and vibe and leaving you feeling confident and comfortable.  We will work together to put together the perfect collection of outfits. 

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