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I like to advise my senior clients to choose two to three outfits. Something that is casual, something more dressy and then whatever they want whether that is another casual outfit, sports uniform, or something with a little more flair. Seniors should choose outfits they feel comfortable and confidant in. You want your outfits to showcase your personality. Color wise neutrals like white, black, gray and tans are classic and versatile. They can create a clean natural look and put the focus on you. Pastels can portray a light, soft and dreamy feel. Bold colors and vibrant shades can make a statement. Jewel tones and complimentary colors to your skin tone are also great choices.

Location is also very Important. And should fit your personality. You could choose indoor photos with a plan neutral solid backdrop. We can get beautiful, simple, classic poses here. With lighting and temperature-controlled, the photos turn out stunning. Urban locations such as city streets, brick walls, old doors, stairways, etc make great backdrops for photos. You can get a lot of different looks without going very far or to multiple locations.

Rustic locations such as fields, wildflowers, woods and barns are always a wonderful option. You can dress casually or dressy for these locations. It is fun playing with different looks in locations like these. Then there Is always beach sessions which sets such a different vibe then the other locations. Here you will go barefoot, casual and/or dressy and explore the dunes and splash your feet In the water. Usually Seniors choose more vibrant colors for the beach.

February 23, 2024




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A part of my client experience is helping you with choosing the perfect outfits that express your families personality and vibe and leaving you feeling confident and comfortable.  We will work together to put together the perfect collection of outfits. 

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